Set of 4 Blank Note Cards with envelopes
Fine Art Print - "Earth Lotus"

This is a set of 4 blank note cards with envelopes.
Photo prints of my original artwork titled "Earth Lotus", which was done
on canvas in acrylics and patterned paper.

Saying repeats twice around the center Lotus:
"May my heart bloom in love for all existence"

Watermark is on digital image only for copyright purposes. Watermark
will not appear on actual notecards.

I used deep rich tones in all the rainbow shades of the Chakra.
I love creating Bindi designs, and this one was definitely inspired by the
Bindi/Henna tattoo style as well as the Lotus, one of my favorite symbols.

Throughout many cultures over time, the Lotus has been a
powerful image and a spiritual symbol. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian
religions, the lotus is considered a sacred flower.
Among it's many meanings and significance, the lotus is a symbol of
"spontaneous" generation, and so it also represents divine birth, spiritual
development and creation itself.

Image is professionally printed on high standard card-stock with beautiful
and vibrant ink quality!
Image was photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor
colors may vary the colors slightly.

The note cards are invitation size, measuring approx. 5 and 1/2 inches by
4 and 1/4 inches. The envelopes are white.


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Closeup of print
*Watermark is only on digital picture for
copyright purposes. Watermark will not
appear on note cards.