This Gallery shows some of my collage work.
Each of these collages are done on an 8x5 card and have a protective
sleeve over them to protect them.
They are great for self-expression, meditation, and personal healing!

My favorite magazine to use images from is National Geographic. but
these images have come from all kinds of magazines. A great place to find
used magazines is at your local library!

While making each card, each of the images represent something very
personal and specific for me and then I combine them to create an
over-all message of that card. It is great to start with a topic or purpose for
a card while looking through magazines and images to use. Or even do a
small meditation and then collage what you felt or saw in that meditation.
It is fun to share your collages with others as each person will have a
different interpretation of the images and collage personal to themselves.

Once you have several collage cards made it is fun to be able to draw one
and use it for meditation or inspiration for that day!

I do not claim copy-right of these images,  just the vision,  as each card has
several images and clippings that I have collected from different magazines
over the years.

This is such a relaxing, spiritual, personal, and creative project that I highly
recommend to anyone and for all ages!
All you need are some cards, some magazines, a nice pair of scissors and a
glue stick...oh yah and your imagination! :)
Please click on thumbnails to view larger photos.
Collage Gallery
Ancient Knowledge
Ancient Women
1st Chakra - Base or Root
2nd Chakra - Sacral
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus
4th Chakra - Heart
5th Chakra - Throat
6th Chakra - Third Eye
7th Chakra - Crown
Grand-Mother Earth
Higher Self
Medicine Man
Twin Soul
Star Collector
Family Tribe
Ancient Divine Feminine
Laughing Rain
Circle of Life
Faery Play
Galactic Animal Federation
Intuitive Healing Guidance
Sacred Drumming
Warrior Goddess
Whale Sister
As Above, So Below
The Promise