Chakra Gemstone Crystal Point - Meditation Wand Set
(7 Gemstone Point Wands with tassel)

This is a wonderful set of Chakra colored gemstone wands with tassels that are also filled
with corresponding Chakra colors and gemstones.
These are great for Meditation purposes, including Color, Chakra, and Gemstone therapy.
They are such a great size to move around, keep in your purse or pocket, or to travel with.
I love using some or all of them just to have the energy around me in my work area each day.
They are even beautiful just to display in your meditation or altar area.

The crystal points measure from 2 and 5/8 inches up to 3 inches long from tip of gemstone
point to bottom of tassel. The tassel is made with Sterling silver wire and the beads and
spacers are Sterling and Bali silver. The loop and jump ring attached directly to the
gemstone point is a base metal. You will receive these exact gemstone points shown in these
photos along with the lavender organza bag to keep them in.

Red Jasper  Point - (Tassel has Garnet and Coral stones).
Red Jasper- Opens Root Chakra - Balances energy, stability, powerful protection stone,
eases emotional stress.
Garnet- Success, purity, truth, love, anti-depressant, self-esteem, friendship, protection,
luck, love, healing.
Red Coral - Meditation, visualization.

Red Aventurine Point - (Tassel has Carnelian and Red Aventurine stones).
Red Aventurine- Opens the Root Chakra, creativity, possibilities and new opportunities.
Carnelian - Opens the Sacral Chakra, energy, power, healing, calms temper.

Yellow Aventurine  Point- (Tassel has Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, and Amber stones).
Yellow Aventurine - Opens Solar Plexus Chakra, balances emotions and male/female energy.
Rutilated Quartz - Energy, new hope, anti-depressant, eases anxiety, vision.
Citrine - Opens the Sacral Chakra, Psychic power, joy, love self esteem, positivity, clarity.
Amber - Opens the Sacral Chakra, love, healing, power, protection, luck, success.

Moss Agate Point- (Tassel has Green Aventurine, Rainbow Flourite, Prehinite, and
Peridot stones).
Moss Agate - Opens Heart Chakra, balances emotional energy, health, friendship,
abudance, aids in concentration.
Green Aventurine - Opens Heart Chakra, luck, increased perception, creative insight.
Rainbow Flourite - Neutralizes negative vibrations, increases concentration, meditation.
Prehnite - Opens Heart Chakra, unconditional love, enhances knowledge, spiritual growth,
stone of vision, meditation.
Peridot - Opens Heart Chakra, Protects against negative emotions, symbol of purity and

Sodalite Point - (Tassel has Iolite, Lapis, Turquoise, and Sodalite stones).
Sodalite - Opens Throat Chakra, inner peace, harmony, aids in communication.
Iolite - Opens Third Eye Chakra, love, vision, creative expression.
Lapis- Opens Throat Chakra, protection, purifying, cleansing, clarity, love.
Turquoise - Opens Throat Chakra, protection, good fortune, friendship, peace, healing,

Amethyst Point - (Tassel has Iolite and Amethyst stones).
Amethyst - Opens Crown Chakra, healing, dream stone, meditation, spiritual wisdom,
Iolite - Opens Third Eye Chakra, love, vision, creative expression.

Rose Quartz Point - (Tassel has Rhodonite and Rose Quartz stones).
Rose Quartz - Opens Heart Chakra, universal love, self-worth, inner peace,
Rhodonite - Opens Root and Heart Chakra, relaxation, sense of well being, balancing,
self-worth, helps to ward off negativity.


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