Chakra Gemstone  - Meditation Set
(8 Gemstones)

This is a wonderful set of Chakra gemstones.
These are great for Meditation purposes, including Color, Chakra, and Gemstone therapy.
They are such a great size to move around, keep in your purse or pocket, or to travel with.
I love using some or all of them just to have the energy around me in my work area each day.
They are even beautiful just to display in your meditation or altar area.

The gemstones measure approx. 1 and 1/8 inches each.  You will receive these exact
gemstones in these photos along with the muslin bag to keep them in.

Red Tigers-eye - (Opens Root Chakra) - Insight, good luck, protection, feeling of
oneness and clear thinking, meditation.

Botswana Agate - (Opens Sacral Chakra) - Powerful holistic healer, enhances
sensitivity and creativity, encourages eternal love and artistic expression.

Dalmation Jasper - (Opens Solar Plexus and Root Chakra) - Removes disillusionment,
helps to see strengths and weaknesses, encourages grounding, increases loyality.

Unakite - (Opens Sacral and Heart Chakra) - Dispels negative energy and blockage,
anti-depressant, aid in seeing the beauty in life.

Blue Lace Agate - (Opens Throat Chakra) - Calms and uplifts, encourages peace,
happiness, de-stressing.

Sodalite - (Opens Throat Chakra) -Promotes inner peace, harmony, aids in

Amethyst - (Opens Crown Chakra) - Helps in healing, dream stone, meditation, spiritual
wisdom, energy.

Rose Quartz - (Opens Heart Chakra) - Known as the love stone, strong sense of
self-worth, universal love, gives inner peace, rejuvenates to the skin.


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