Polymer Clay Amulet Rune Set - "Chakra"

This is a beautiful and colorful set of Chakra Amulet Runes. Perfect for
your meditations, energy healing,  or ceremonies. Comes in the little
pouch as shown.
The 7 Chakra symbols are represented here, in symbol and color. Each
rune has a corresponding gemstone set into the design

Violet = (Amethyst stone) - Crown - Personal identification with Infinite.
Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom.

Indigo = (Iolite stone) - Third Eye - Clearing subconscious to channel
intuition. Balanced state of mind.
See divine perfection in all things. Devotion.

Blue = (Iolite stone) - Throat - Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth
through power of the spoken word.

Green = (Peridot stone) - Heart - Release emotionally suppressed trauma.
Soul/Heart consciousness. Expressing love in action.

Yellow - (Citrine) - Solar Plexus - Assimilation experience. Digestion.
Positive use of personal power. Manifest goals.

Orange = (Carnelian) -  Sacral - Utilization of creative forces into all
aspects of being. High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.

Red = (Garnet) - Base - Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability to work
lovingly on the physical plane.

Each Amulet Rune has been hand crafted from polymer clay by me, with a
beautiful symbol of the Chakra on the front of each amulet rune.
Shimmery dust in a variety of rainbow colors are applied to the clay before
After baking I hand-painted the Chakra symbols in the representing color,
then glazed with a clear layer for a beautiful shine!
The back of each rune has a Lotus design.

The amulet runes measure from 1 and 1/4  diameter to 1 and 1/2 inch
diameter. Each measure approx. 3/16 of an inch thick.


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(shown in inches)
Close Up