I am Jodi Lynn Menard, Sister to All & Creative Goddess Extraordinarie!
I am a full time artist living in Oregon.

I love spending time with my sweetheart husband,  my family & friends,
camping, exploring, star-watching, meditating, learning, reading, rock and gem
hunting, sound and energy healing, enjoying music, drumming, dancing,
dirt biking, kayaking, whale and seal watching, and doing pretty much
anything outdoors......and of course...
I love to CREATE....It is my Passion!

I have been an artist of many different media since a very early age.
In school and college I took every art class I could find. I have worked with
hot glass, silver-smithing, painting, drawing, pyrography, wood-turning,
poetry, seed-beading, ceramics, clay, leather-work, stained glass, collage,
lapidary, crochet, & crystal and sound energy! Just to name a few!!
I love learning new things and exploring new creative outlets, as well as
teaching others what I might share with them! It is a beautiful circle of receiving
and giving to each other, the gifts we came here to share with this world!
I have made so many friends and love & appreciate the connections that I have
formed through this journey.

I practice "intentional creating", or "medicine art", which is
simply creating something with specific intentions. It is a process that
comes straight from my heart and soul filled with healing! Not only healing for
myself, but to pass this healing forward through the form of art!
During the creation process I use thoughts, spoken words, and written words in
the art piece (hidden and visible), which I say, think or actually add to the piece
while I create it.
I set energies & intentions with the material I use, such as specific gemstones
& symbols. When a piece is completed I enjoy doing smudge ceremonies &
prayers on it to surround whom ever will be receiving it on their path. I use
crystals, chimes, tuning forks, drums, crystal bowls, gongs, and even my own
words and voice in this process.
It is truly a process of creating with LOVE and PURPOSE!
And with the understanding that everything is energy and that we are ALL
connected to it and to each other!
I believe as each of us send out our own unique ripples of love into the world we
help to raise the vibrations of All and to Mother Earth herself, who provides so
wonderfully for us! And it just keeps expanding and reciprocating!
I feel so grateful and honored in creating this way!!
It is a very personal & sacred process that I feel called to do!
My hope and wish is that my Medicine Art can spread Joy, Smiles, Enhanced
Spiritual Experiences, Awareness, Uplifted Vibrations, Healing, and most of all
LOVE to Others and through the Universe! To give back just a little of myself in
humble gratitude of all that I have received!
Thank you for being a beautiful part of this journey with me!! Namaste!

If you are interested in classes, I do offer small group or private art classes out
of my home studio. If you would like to take a class with me, just click on the
"Classes" link to the left for more information on what I have to offer.
I also have tutorials available for sale and free ones too!

With the links to the left you can also check out our "Message In A Bottle"
Adventures, My Projects, My Musings, DIY Ideas that I share,
My Gallery (which include some of my past work), and you can also check out
some of my Publications below.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments!
I would love to hear from you! :)
My artwork is featured in the
book "Glass Bead Workshop"
by Jeri Warhaftig. Spring 2008
My wire wrapping tutorial
appears in Australia's
"Beading" magazine in the
December 2007 issue.
My tutorial on vessels appears in
Passing the Flame "Spotlight on
Hollow Beads and Vessels"
My "Southwest Silver" tutorial
appears in the Glass Line
Magazine April/May 2011
I was in Soda Lime Times
magazine in the April 2012
issue. My seashell was on
the front cover on this issue.

Some of my glass work was
featured in February 2013 issue of
Soda Lime Times. You can order
back issues at this link:
Some of my glass work was
featured in November 2013 issue of
Soda Lime Times. You can order
back issues at this link:
Honored and excited for some
of my glass work to be featured
in the 9th Annual Gallery of
Women in Glass - Winter 2013
issue of The Flow Magazine!
Some of my glass work was
featured in August 2014 issue of
Soda Lime Times. You can
order back issues at this link:
Some of my glass, clay, and
jewelry work were featured in
an article in Glass Art
Magazine in the July/August
2014 issue.
Some of my glass work was
featured in March 2015 issue of
Soda Lime Times. You can
order back issues at this link: