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Polymer Clay Talisman Necklace
Polymer Clay Talisman Necklace
Polymer Clay Talisman Necklace
Polymer Clay and Crystal Wand
Polymer Clay and Crystal Wand

Up to 50% off of EVERY handmade item on my website!
I have marked down each and every item to my "family&friends" discount
pricing! Some discounts are over 50% off!
This is a
one time only sale!  First come, first served!
Every one-of-a-kind item handmade by me is discounted, many of them created
with Sterling and Bali Silver, and beautiful gemstones! Great discounts!
This is a massive one time sale on prices that were already below retail pricing!

Just thought I would offer this with all the new things coming and old things
going in my life! I will be a grandma in less then a week, just moved into a new
house, getting my new space ready! Clearing out the old and making room for the
wonderful new things that are coming!
I want to pass this love on to my wonderful customers who have been such a
blessing in my life this last 15+ years of being a full time artist!
My way of saying THANK YOU!!!!
Love and Blessings!!
I have finally managed to get in some torch time! Yay!! Feels like it has
been a decade since I was melting glass, haha, seriously though, it has been
way too long! Two new vessel bottles to start out with. I will be making more
very soon! (Just click on the photos below to view more information about
each piece).

Getting back into a routine after our move, and the new grand baby has
been a struggle, and I have enjoyed spending some time with family too!
Made a little impromptu trip to Sedona with my twin sister and our Dad. We
visited several sacred sites around Sedona and did some swimming in Oak
Creek too. It was a blast!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!
Thanks for stopping by! I will be having more regular updates finally,
thanks for your patience! :)
ampwork Glass
Vessel Bottle Necklace
Lampwork Glass
Vessel Bottle Necklace